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  BEC中级考试第一部分就是阅读!把阅读做好了,绝对有利于整场考试的心态。沪江英语整理了BEC中级阅读中出现的较难的词汇,助力所有考试BEC中级阅读顺利过关!PART ONE

  (1)expertise n.专门技术

  He has the expertise in the management of hotels.


  (2)quiz n.智力竞赛;小测验 vt.考查,盘问

  The Cambridge team were too much for the Oxford team in the quiz.


  (3)unrivalled adj. 无对手的, 无匹的=unrivaled

  The nation’s biggest computer manufacturer, once an engine of growth and an unrivaled success, said the job cuts and plant closings would cost about$6 billion before taxes, a sum that will be reflected in its bottom line by the end of this year.


  (4)exploit vt.剥削, 利用, 开发, 开拓 n.功绩, 英勇行为

  People should read the related regulations before they exploit natural resources.


  (5)revitalising adj. 复活的, 新生的;动词revitalise的现在分词形式=revitalizing(美)

  Revitalising wheels and tyres is the first thing a garage will do when putting a car on the forecourt.


  (6)controversial a.引起争论的,有争议的

  In deference to our host I decided not to challenge his controversial remarks.


  (7)poach vt.(侵入他人地界)偷猎(或捕鱼), 水煮, 侵占, 挖走

  A rival firm poached our best computer programmers.


  (8)devote to 献给

  He devoted himself entirely to music.


  (9)premium prn.加付款;赠品 a.高级的;售价高的

  We will reimburse you (for) the additional premium.


  (10)alienate vt.使疏远,离间;转让(财产等)

  The Prime Minister’s policy alienated many of her followers.


  (11)vendor n.自动售货机, 小贩, 卖方, 供货商 =vender

  A few militant members of the crowd attacked the vendor.


  PART TWO AND PART THREE(1)dread vt.担忧,忧虑;惧怕,不敢 n.担忧,畏惧

  I dread to think what will happen if she finds out the truth.

  我不敢去想她知道真相后会怎么样。(2)tact n.圆通,机敏,老练

  He's short on tact.

  他处事不够圆通。(3)administrative a.管理的,行政的

  He regarded all these administrative details as beneath his notice.

  他认为行政管理上的这些琐事都不值一顾。(4)revitalize v.使复活,使重新充满活力

  I think we have to revitalize our society.

  我觉得我们的社会需要新生。(5)pinnacle n.顶点

  He has reached the pinnacle of his career.

  他已经登上事业的顶峰。(6)calibre n.(枪等)口径,(人或事)品质,才能

  His work is of the highest calibre.

  他的工作质量最高。(7)aspiration n.强烈的愿望,志向,抱负

  He has serious aspirations to a career in politics.

  他有从政的雄心壮志。(8)complement n.补充;编制名额;补(足)语 vt.补充

  His business skill complements her flair for design.

  他的经营技巧和她的设计才能相辅相成。(9)implication n.含意,暗示,暗指;卷入,牵连

  The new report has far-reaching implications for the future of broadcasting.

  这一新报告对广播业的前途有些意味深长的暗示。(10)comprise vt.包含,包括,由…组成;构成,组成

  A cricket team is comprised of eleven players.

  一个板球队由11名队员组成。(11)immense a.广大的,巨大的

  Her services to the state have been immense.

  她对国家的贡献极大。(12)consult vt.请教;查阅,查看 vi.交换意见,商议

  You had better consult a doctor soon.

  你最好快点去看医生。(13)novelty n.新奇事物;新奇(感);新颖廉价的物品

  Showoffs never miss an opportunity to draw attention to themselves by some outrageous novelty.

  爱显示自己的人遇事总喜欢标新立异。(14)compatible a.兼容的;能和睦相处的,合得来的

  The proposed new regulation is not compatible with the existing policy.

  提出的新规定与现有的政策不符。 (15)exclusively ad.专门地,排除其他地

  This room is exclusively for women.

  这个房间是供妇女专用的。(16)patronize vt.以高人一等的态度对待;惠顾;赞助

  He resented the way she patronized him.

  她待他那种屈尊纡贵的样子,他十分愤恨。(17)banal a.陈腐的

  A trite or banal remark or statement, especially one expressed as if it were original or significant.

  陈腔滥调陈腐的或平庸的评论或陈述,尤指某人表述它时好象它是新颖的或有意义的。(18)manipluate vt.操纵,控制,影响;(熟练地)使用

  A clever politician know how to manipulate public opinion.

  聪明的政客知道如何操纵公众舆论。(19)shortfall n. 不足之量, 差额

  a shortfall in the annual budget

  年度预算中的不足。(20)severe a.严重的;严厉的;严峻的;朴素的

  He's suffering from severe mental disorder.

  他患有严重的精神病。(21)confine vt.限制;使不外出,禁闭 n.[ pl.]界限,范围

  I am sick, I have to confine to bed.

  我病了,我得卧床休息。(22)defer vt.推迟,拖延 vi.(to)遵从,听从,服从

  I shall defer replying till I hear from home.

  我将等接到家信以后再给你答复。(23)propel vt.推进,推动;激励,驱使

  We are propelled to go forward.

  我们被推着向前走。(24)devise vt.发明,策划,想出

  He devises a new type of transistor.

  他发明了一种新的晶体管。(25)disruptive a.破坏性的;制造混乱的;捣乱的

  He has a disruptive influence on the other children.

  他能影响别的孩子使他们失控。(26)distinction n.差别;区分;优秀;荣誉,优待

  We should make a distinction between right and wrong.

  我们应该分清是非。(27)vain a.徒劳的,无效的;自负的,爱虚荣的

  They endeavoured to make her happy but in vain.

  他们尽量使她快乐,却徒劳无功。(28)integrated a.整合的,完整的

  I integrated your suggestion with my plan.

  你的建议使我的计划完整了。(29)reverse v.推翻;颠倒;反向 n.反面;逆境 a.反向的

  The 50p coin has a crowned lion on its reverse.

  50便士硬币反面的图案是个戴皇冠的狮子。(30)incorporate vt.包含,加上,吸收;把…合并,使并入

  Many of your suggestions have been incorporated in the new plan.

  你的很多建议已经被纳入新计划中。(31)lay off (暂时)解雇;停止做

  Why don't you lay off smoking for a while until your cough gets better?

  你为什么不先戒烟等你的咳嗽好了一些后再说?(32)overdraft n.透支,透支额

  I took out an overdraft to pay for my new car.

  我用透支来付新汽车的钱。(33)transpire 不及物动词 vi.1.被人知道,透露 2.【口】发生

  Let's wait and see what transpires.

  让我们等着瞧,看会发生什么事。(34)trendy adj.<口>流行的,赶时髦的

  Look at that trendy couple- kitted up all the latest gear!

  瞧那对时髦夫妇,打扮多么入时。(35)spell out 详细地说明

  The graduate student has to spell out what his tutor had written.

  这位研究生得一个字一个字地读他导师写的东西。(36)transcend vt.超出,超越(理性等)的范围

  She far transcends the others in beauty and intelligence.

  她才貌出众。(37)indisputably adv. 无争论余地地

  Weapons are indisputably a growth industry of the '70s and'80s.

  毫无疑问,武器生产是七十年代和八十年代的一个兴旺的行业。(38)obstacle n.障碍(物),妨碍

  Her father's opposition remained only their obstacle.

  她父亲的反对是他们唯一的障碍。(39)reconcile vt.使协调;使和解;使顺从(甘心)(于)

  We tried to reconcile her with her family.

  我们试图让她和她的家庭和好。(40)biased a.有偏见的

  He was biased against the plan from the beginning.

  他从一开始就对这个计划有偏见。推荐阅读:BEC口试高分策略-把高分说出来>>>PART FOUR(1)preferred adj. 首选的, 有优先权的

  There are no preferred colors or combinations of colors.

  没有哪种颜色或颜色组合是首选的。(2)line of business 行业, 业务范围

  May I know whatline of business you handle?

  可以告诉我你们从事何种业务吗?(3)put sb. off 推迟,推延;阻止,劝阻

  Don'tput me off when I'm trying to concentrate.

  我正要集中注意力呢,别打搅我。(4)refer to vt.涉及, 指的是, 提及, 参考, 适用于

  Don'trefer to this matter again, please.

  请不要再提这件事了。(5)hierarchy n.等级制度;统治集团,领导层

  It's not as if he was very important in the companyhierarchy.

  他在公司的领导层中似乎无多大权力。(6)take on 开始雇用;呈现;同…较量;承担,从事

  He is unwilling to take on heavy responsibilities.

  他不愿承担重任。(7)for its own sake 为了…的利益

  I believe in education for its own sake.

  我相信教育本身就是有价值的。(8)There is no point in doing sth 做什么事都没有意义

  You don't take advice so there is no point in asking for it.

  你不听劝说,因此征求别人的意见也就没有什么意义了。(9)restrict to 限制

  Membership in this club is restricted to man under 30.

  俱乐部的成员限定在三十岁以下。(10)in the habit of 有…的习惯

  He is in the habit of rising early.

  他有早起的习惯。(11)in line with与…一致

  That isn't in line with my ideas at all.

  那跟我的想法完全不一致。(12)corresponding a.相应的,相当的;符合的,一致的

  All rights have corresponding responsibilities.

  所有的权利都带有相应的义务。(13)attribute to 把…归因于,属性,特性

  His illness is attributable to overwork.

  他的病可归因于劳累过度。(14)in a position to do sth 能够做某事

  I'd like to help you,but I'm afraid I'm not in a position to do so.

  我是愿意帮你忙的,但是我现在没有能力这么做。(15)substantial a.可观的;牢固的,结实的;实质的

  By careful strategy she negotiated asubstantial pay rise.

  她精心策画后,谈妥了大幅增加工资的事。(16)endorsement n.背书,赞同

  Last sheet of paper in a legal document which, when fold, become the outside sheet and carry theendorsement.

  法律文件的最后一页,当折叠时,它成了外边的一页并带有背书。(17)demonstrate vt.论证;说明;显示 vi.示威游行(或集会)

  She demonstrated that 2 and 2 are four.

  她证明2加2等于四。(18)rate as vt. 列入

  The ship rates as first.

  这艘船列入第一级。(19)let down 使失望;放下,降低

  That's a real let down.

  这真叫人失望。(20)appear to 看来像是, 看来似乎

  Youappear to have made/It appears that you have made a mistake.

  似乎你弄错了。(21)induct v.使就职,使入伍

  A service to induct the new president of the university.

  那个大学的新校长正式的就任仪式。(22)consolidation n.巩固, 加强, 统一, 合并, 联合

  One by one these northern state make know their desire forconsolidation with the union.

  这些北方州一个一个地公开了想与联邦统一的愿望。(23)slow down 放缓

  Can we slow down and walk for a bit? I'm getting a stitch.

  咱们放慢速度步行一会儿好吗? 我觉得腰部突然一阵剧痛。(24)retention rate 保留率

  The retention rate of daidzin in water solution is only 50%.

  对大豆黄苷水溶液的截留率只有50%。(25)mount up 上升

  His debts continued tomount up.

  他的债务在不断增长。(26)prove to be vt. 证明是(判明 ... 是)

  Perhaps this book willprove to be of some use to you in your studies.

  也许这本书会对你的研究有用处。(27)disperse vi.使分散;使消失 vt.分散;驱散

  The crowd dispersed.

  人群纷纷散开。(28)architecture n.建筑学(术,业);建筑式样(风格)

  The style ofarchitecture originated from the ancient Greeks.

  这种建筑风格起源于古希腊。(29)take a percentage of 拿走一部分

  What was I going to do, take a percentage of their dirt?

  我能怎么着,从他们的土里拿提成?(30)straightforward a.正直的,坦率的;易懂的,简单的

  His straightforward, modest manner took into camp everybody he knew.

  他爽直而谦虚的态度使所有认识他的人都上了当。(31)turn out 结果是

  I knew it would turn out to be one of those days when I overslept.

  我明白,如果我睡过头,那结果会是很不妙的。(32)in a row 一个接一个地,接连不断地

  The team has chalked up its fifth win in a row.





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